Make a Donation


ØWe are happy to accept donations of new and clean used books, DVDs, and audio books.  If they meet the criteria of our materials selection policy, we will place them in our collection.  Otherwise, we sell them or donate them to another library. 
ØWe really appreciate these donations and have received some great materials!
ØOften people donate money in the memory of a loved one.  We try to select a book representing the interests of that person.  Because we can purchase books at a discount, we suggest you donate money and we will purchase the item/s.  Money for books or other materials can also be donated in honor of someone's birthday, anniversary, special accomplishment, etc.
ØWe also accept financial donations, large or small, for library improvements.
ØIf you are interested in serving on a committee to raise funds for the Library to build or purchase their own building (we currently rent), please contact the Library Director Rylie Roubal or Board President Karen Yaggie for more information.
Thank you for your continued support!