History of the Library


  Planning for a library began in 1911 by members of the Hinckley Women’s Club and became a reality when the first board was appointed April 7, 1913. The library was located in the Leifheit building and 300 people attended the initial open house on April 12, 1913.
In 1913 the library had approximately 300 books and no magazines. Books and funds were solicited from interested residents and donations from various Woman’s Clubs of the twelfth district were accepted.                                                                                                                                  
Financial support for the library came from bakes sales held twice a year or a fifty cent charge if one did not donate an item to the bake sale. The taxpayers voted down the opportunity to support the library in 1915 and 1916. A referendum was passed in April of 1963 making Squaw Grove Township Public Library tax supported.
In 1926 the library moved to a rent free room in the upper level of the newly constructed Community Building. In 1993 the library was moved to the present lower level location in order to comply with federal accessibility requirements.
A board of volunteer librarians operated the library until April 1964. The library has been served by six librarians since it has been tax supported beginning with Mrs. Lillian Hartman 1964-1976, Mrs. Helen Fritsch 1976-1988, Mrs. Eve Kirk 1988-1989, Mrs. Shirley Wilhelmsen 1989-2010, Mrs. Genevieve Guran 2010-2011, Ms. Heather Shlah 2011-2012 and Ms. Rylie Carter 2012-Present.
In 1967 the library became one of the original members of the Northern Illinois Library System which allowed for sharing of resources among libraries. 
In 1986 the residents voted to become Squaw Grove Public Library District. At that time the residents of Pierce and Big Rock townships voted not to join the District. The official name of the District was changed to The Hinckley Public Library District in July 2006.
The technological explosion has been evident in the operation of the library as in other aspects of our lives. In 1990 the first computer was purchased and used by the staff for office work. Since then computers have become an integral part of a service offered to patrons as well as assisting office staff.